Telephone number 01202 929655

Opening Hours 

Monday: 8.30am-7pm 

Tuesday: 8.30am-7pm 

Wednesday: 8.30am-7pm 

Thursday: 8.30am-7pm 

Friday: 8.30am-7pm 

Saturday: 8.30am-6pm 

Sunday: 10am-4pm

Pound Stretcher

Poundstretcher is the one stop shop in Saxon Square to stock up on all your every day essentials for the entire family. You will find a range of incredible deals, offers and bargains meaning that you can tick off everything on your shopping list without breaking the bank.

At Poundstretcher you will find products for the home including gorgeous accessories, furnishings and decorations through to staple cleaning equipment, lighting, and more.

There's a range of fun toys for the littlies whether they love indoor games, cuddly toys or adventures outside.

Poundstretcher is also home to a range of delicious foods and drinks perfect for your weekly food shop, stocking up for a party of if you just need to run in for a few bits and bobs.

Come and see the new Poundstretcher store today and you will be overwhelmed with the incredible range of stock here for you and your family!